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Why have a 'branded wedding'?

Updated: Mar 13

I know, I know. Today everything is a "brand". I blame the Kardashians - But also, I'm totally here for it. Especially when it comes to weddings, and here's why....

A branded wedding tells a story.

Not just any story - your story. Your wedding is one of the only times in life that you get to say "Hey, world - we're amazing, our life is a movie, and we're so happy! Come bathe in the happiness with us!" Why not indulge in the spotlight? Share your love story. Take your guests on an adventure with you. Which brings me to my next point...

It creates an experience.

There's no better way to show your guests how much you appreciate their willingness to come join you than by creating a killer, meaningful experience in return. Let the visual details do just that. Along with the music, the food, the venue, it's the visual details that communicate in a ways that words can't. They transcend, transform, and create a feeling. For your wedding, maybe that feeling is a subtle sweetness, or moody romance, or fun and funky. The only way to convey that is through all the little details from start to finish.

It sets expectations.

Black tie event? Barefoot beach party? How will your guests know? By the tone of your wedding brand. Starting with the Save the Date and Invitation package, your guests will get a feeling for what to expect, what to wear, where they'll be, etc. Sure, explicitly listing "black tie" also gets the point across, but your visual branding is what really gives them the picture of what to expect. Think of it as a mood board for your guests. You can say "we're going with a coastal theme", but "coastal" could mean surfboards and bright colors to one person and bright and airy blues to another.

photos by Off BEET Productions

So, how do you make it happen?

  1. Consider what's meaningful for each of you. Let those touches play out in the details of your day. Did you choose your venue because it holds importance to your love story? Do you have a pet that plays an important role in your lives and therefore undoubtedly should be involved in the day? Determining these meaningful elements steers us into what should be highlighted within your wedding branding.

  2. Think about the feeling you want your event to create. Fun, all-night dance party? Elegant, string quartet-style affair? Casual fireside hangout with buddies? Creating a distinct personality for your event helps establish the tone your visual elements should take on.

  3. Get into the warm and fuzzies of your story. Take a trip down memory lane with your fiance and pick out some of the moments you want to share. Did you meet in college? Maybe your mascot makes an appearance in some of the fun details. First date at a coffee shop? Let's incorporate coffee stamps on your wedding mail. Both into music? How about a statement seating assignment display using vinyl records. Trust us, your guests want this window into your relationship - it makes them feel part of the story, too.

photos by Katherine Marchand

At the end of the day, this is all about you two - so create an experience you'll never forget that screams "this is so us".


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