When should I mail my wedding invitations?

Rules on this vary. Our recommendation: 10-12 weeks before the wedding date. This gives plenty of time for your invitations to make their way through the postal system to your guests AND time for your guests to respond. To guarantee this, order your semi-custom invitations 16-18 weeks before the wedding date. Get started 6 months ahead for custom design.

How long until I receive my stationery once it's ordered?

Online Store Orders: Roughly 10-15 business days Custom Designed Stationery: Approximately 10-12 weeks total (3-6 weeks for proposal, design + proofing | 6 weeks for production) Our suites go through an extensive quality check process and all of our assembly is done by hand. This takes time! We do offer rush options if you're running a bit behind schedule.

Semi-Custom Suites vs. Custom Design - What's the difference?

Our semi-custom suite collection allows you to select from pre-made designs, and personalize with your details and wedding colors. They are much faster to produce but customization options are limited. Our fully-custom design suites allow you to work with a designer to create stationery that is totally unique to your wedding style. The process takes a bit longer but gives you much more control over coloring, typestyle, layout, and overall look and feel.

How long should we give our guests to RSVP?

We are a punctual group of gals so we suggest giving your guests 6 weeks before your wedding date. This assumes you are mailing your invitations out in our recommended timeframe of 10-12 weeks before the wedding.

What does the average HP couple spend on their Wedding Stationery?

Online Store Collection: Save the Dates start at roughly $350 for a set of 100. Wedding Invitations start at roughly $1150 for a set of 100. Custom Design: Save the Dates typically start at around $600 for a set of 100 custom designed cards w/ matching guest addressed envelopes. Wedding Invitations typically start at around $1,800 for a set of 100 custom designed invitation suites (invitation, matching guest addressed envelopes, details card, and reply set).

How much does postage typically cost?

Postage always depends on the weight and size of your finished suite. Reply Envelopes typically call for one .55 forever stamp. Mailing Envelopes start from one .70 forever stamp and up. We highly suggest taking your completed suite to the post office that you plan to mail from to have it weighed for exact postage prior to mailing.

How many extra suites should I order?

We recommend ordering a surplus of about 10% over your guest list. (To ensure you won't have to re-order later on!). Extra suites are suggested in case any get lost in the mail, you have last minute additions ( you know you've got a B-list), to have as a keepsake, etc..

Will I see a proof before my items are printed?

Absolutely! You will receive a digital .PDF proof via email. With online store orders, one proof set is included with your order. With our custom design services, three proof sets are included with your order.

Do you offer Wedding Day Stationery items other than invitations and save the dates?

Yes! Some of the items we offer include Menus, Ceremony Programs, Escort/Place Cards, Seating Charts, Cocktail Signs, Napkins, Matches, Thank You Notes, etc.. We offer custom design Wedding Day Stationery packages starting at $800 that include menus, ceremony programs, and escort cards. We will design options that coordinate with your Wedding Invitations.

Do you offer Guest Addressing and/or Calligraphy?

Yes! We offer digital calligraphy (printed names and addresses) or hand calligraphy services.

What is the custom design process like?

We’ll start with a phone or in-person design consultation to learn more about your wedding details and style. You’ll then receive a proposal outlining what we’ll work on together as well as a price quote. After the proposal is approved and your contract is signed, we’ll get started on the design and proofing process where you’ll see everything come to life! Once approved, our print artisans will begin creating the final product and our assembly specialists will finish up with final touches. More details on the custom design process here.

Do you offer custom watercolor illustrations?

Yes! We offer custom artwork such as venue illustrations, monograms, maps etc..

What print methods do you offer?

We specialize in Foil Stamping, Letterpress, Thermography, Embossing and Digital printing.

Do you have handmade paper?

We LOVE our handmade 100% Cotton Rag paper from India (insert heart eye emoji here).

Are any of your products recycled?

Believe it or not, our most popular paper is totally treeless! Besides making for a delicious letterpress print, our Crane Lettra paper stock is made of recycled biodegradable cotton from the garment industry.

Do you offer mailing services?

YES! Let us take care of stuffing, stamping and mailing your beautiful suites to your guests. When you receive your design proofs, you will have the option to opt in or out of our mailing services.

Do you work with clients remotely?

Absolutely! All of our initial communication and proofing can be done virtually. And we're more than happy to ship you your final suites!

Can you help me with the wording for my suite?

Yes! Wording can be confusing, but don’t worry - we’re etiquette gurus. We will provide you with a guide to collect your details and we'll take it from there.

When should I start the process of ordering my Wedding Stationery?

You'll want your invitations finished 3 months before the wedding date. For semi-custom suites on our online store, order roughly 4 months before the wedding date. Production plus shipping takings approximately 10-15 business days. For custom designed suites, order roughly 6 months before the wedding date. Design, production and shipping takes approximately 10 weeks. Click here for a handy guide to determine exactly when you should order and mail out your invites!

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