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TYSM! The thank you note guide

The wedding has ended, your honeymoon is over, and now you get to settle in to married life. But the wedding to-dos haven't ended just yet - it's time to send out your thank yous! Whether it's a heartfelt note to Great Aunt Edie for your 'something blue', or a few sentences of gratitude for a check generously gifted by a co-worker, thank you notes are more than just a social nicety - words of thanks go a long way.

Countless studies have shown people deeply value being appreciated...

Get this: According to smarty pants research in Psychological Science, jotting down thank-you notes isn't just good manners—it's a real mood booster for both you and the person getting the note. Researchers did some digging and found that even though lots of us find it tough to spill our feelings of gratitude, the folks getting those notes? They're giddy for it!

So let's be real, after your loved ones have spent a night, a weekend, (a whole dang year!) celebrating you, thanks are certainly in order... And lucky for you, science says it's a happiness booster for everyone involved!

Here are some helpful tips when sending out your thank you notes:


Etiquette states you have until your first anniversary, but our recommendation: send them three months post wedding.

Why three months? The joy of the day is still fresh in your mind making writing a personalized note a breeze. You've had time to finalize design and receive your printed cards, and - if you've opted to include a wedding photo - you've likely received most, if not all, of your photos back from the photographer.


Those that attended, and didn't give a gift. Those that didn't attend, but sent a gift. The coworkers who threw you a work shower. The vendor team who executed your vision flawlessly. Your parents. Your wedding party. Anyone who played a part in making your wedding day such a special celebration should receive a note of thanks. Yes, this is likely a lot of thank you notes to write. Tackle it together! Use this as an opportunity to reminisce and reflect on the day. After all - you're a team now!


It's fine to keep your note short and sweet, as long as it feels purposeful. Make sure to reference the gift they gave you, or how their presence made you feel. If they've given you an item, let them know how you've already used it or plan to soon. Gift of money? No need to reference the amount - but be sure to thank them for their generosity and let them know what you intend to put the funds toward ("Thank you so much for the generous gift. We're planning on using it towards our kitchen renovation. Stay tuned for a dinner invite once it's finished!") Your note doesn't need to be a novel, but make sure the recipient feels appreciated.


Create personalized stationery as newlyweds that matches your *couple vibe* (think "From the desk of Monica & Chandler Bing", or the inclusion of your wedding monogram/logo, or if you're totally over it something brand spankin' new)! Order the quantity of sets you'll need for your notes plus an extra 100+ more for future letter writing necessities. Trust us... you'll use these for years to come!

While we're the first to admit the months following the wedding are undoubtedly busy (cue rescuing a dog, moving to the 'burbs, kick-starting a whole new career, etc., etc.), taking time to extend thanks for generosity and love will go a long way.


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