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RSVPs: To go digital or not to go digital?

We often get asked, should we just do our RSVPs online? As obvious paper enthusiasts, our initial reaction is always a little lackluster at the thought of losing such a time-old tradition for snail mail. But the wedding climate is changing, so we might as well jump on the bus! So to the question, "should we do digital RSVPs", the answer really depends on your preferences:

When online RSVPs might be the right fit:

You have a wedding website. We always make sure to include the online RSVP feature when designing wedding websites so you can easily track and download your responses in real time. Most other website providers do too. If you've forgone creating a website for the big day, you can always request RSVPs via email, though this doesn't make final guest list collection much easier than a mailed card.

You love the environment! Digital RSVPs can save paper. You can include this info on the bottom of your details card, eliminating the need for an RSVP set altogether. Or, if you prefer it to be on it's own card, you are still saving on an envelope!

You want quick responses. We all know that younger generations (yea, we're talking to you millennials!) are much more likely to jump on your wedding website to give a quick "yes" or "no", than to fill out a card, and put it in the mail. We're living in a digital world, after all!

You hate working in Excel (or Google Sheets). In order to create escort cards, place cards, or seating charts - your guest list must be in an excel or .csv format. If you hate the idea of having to manually enter all of your guests' responses - an online RSVP might be the way to go. Your wedding website will allow for a quick download of your guest list into a .csv so you can quickly add table assignments.

When you should stick with a traditional mailed-back RSVP:

You love snail mail! There really is nothing more exciting than checking your mailbox in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Who has responded?! Who is coming!? It's like being a kid on Christmas morning - you just can't wait for the mailman to come each day!

You have a lot of older guests. Though most

people are pretty tech-savvy these days, chances are that Great Grandma Rose will have some trouble figuring out the whole online thing.

You're a sucker for tradition. Admittedly, we are not the most traditional of stationers, but when it comes to RSVPs, we tend to like the idea of keeping this element the way it's always been done.

You like keepsakes. If you're the type to keep a box full of old memories - go with a mailed RSVP. A lot of your guests will write sweet messages when they go to send these back - fun memories to look back on and re-read later!

No matter which you choose - the important thing is getting the responses. So having weighed out the pros and cons, what are your thoughts?

To quote the late, great William Shakespeare, "To go digital, or not to go digital? That is the question." (Or something like that...)

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