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Waste Not, Want Not

A Greener Way to Wedding Stationery

It’s no secret that we love paper - (I mean, who doesn’t?) - but, we also love the environment. So we're on a mission to eliminate some of the waste from our industry and go green! Over the past few months we’ve been on the lookout for alternative paper options that are a little more friendly to our beloved Mother Earth. Our research did not disappoint! We’re super excited about our “green” line of paper alternatives and can’t wait to share.

Alternative Paper Options: Let’s make your stationery out of….

Cannabis – That’s right. The green stuff (which is now legal in NJ!) is giving us a gift beyond that of gummies and late-night munchies - paper made from cannabis hemp fibers. Our Bio Cycle Cannabis card stock is a warm ivory in color with a deep textured finish. It falls under so many eco-friendly rules that we don’t have enough time to write them all down. Now when you invite your stoner college roommate to your wedding, she can “recycle” your invite and roll a doobie. (Kidding – please don’t try this at home.)

Brown Sugar(Insert drooling emoji here 🤤 .) Manufactured from sugarcane stalks after they are crushed to extract their juice to make sugar, this paper is so beautifully delicious we were tempted to lick the paper to see if tasted like homemade cookies. Don’t worry, we refrained. Unlike traditional paper materials, these leftover sugarcane stalks (known as Bagasse) are a sustainable and renewable resource. When not turned into paper, they're typically burned or placed in a landfill, so – heck – let’s make some sweet stationery instead! It’s natural color is a lush light mustard/brown – perfect for a rusty fall color palette or with bright pops of color for summer.

Cotton – 100% tree-free made out of recycled cotton from the garment industry, it's is our go-to for most letterpress projects. From the toothy texture of our Crane Lettra stock to the natural deckled edges of our Handmade Cotton Rag paper, cotton stock takes the impression from letterpress so well that you can see the quality of the process without even feeling it. Fun fact: Cotton is an all-natural and biodegradable fiber.

Cork – Like the one that comes out of your favorite bottle of cab, our Corkskin paper stock is made from the outer layer of tree bark. The tree doesn’t need to be cut down AND it can grow back its bark over and over again! Double whammy! Corkskin stock comes in a variety of grains and patterns and is perfect for unique embellishments like the monogram seen on the menu above.


Like most companies, we are ever-evolving. A commitment to a greener business model has recently become a major focus of ours. We pledge to continue sourcing materials that are environmentally-friendly to reduce our waste and we encourage you to give them a try. Whether you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint or you just like the idea of using unique materials - these alternative paper options provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding stationery.

So, brown sugar paper anyone?


paper girl

(see what we did there? ;) )

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