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How long will my order take?

We’ll start with design, then wrap things up with production and assembly.

Timing depends on details of your order but here are some standard timeframes.

Design Process

01. Initial instructions are sent via email 1-3 business days after your proposal is accepted, contract is signed, and deposit is placed. This includes information on how to access your client portal and a link to a form to fill out with all of your wedding details.

02. Initial design proofs are sent via email within 5-6 business days after your detail form is received.

(Add  8 business days for custom orders.)

03. Design revisions are sent 3-4 business days after your edits and comments are submitted through the portal.

Total = 13 business days
(21 business days for custom orders)


Production + Assembly Process

Printing begins and supplies are ordered after approval and final guest list are submitted in your portal.

Total = Varies based on print process and embellishments:

Digital Ink Printing
10-12 business days

Thermography, Letterpress, or Foil Printing
15-25 business days

5-8 business days

​Includes items like ribbons, bands, envelope liners, pockets, wax seals, or hand calligraphy.

Save the Dates

6 weeks

8 weeks

Day Of Items
6 weeks

Mailing Suggestions

You are welcome to mail your items out whenever feels right for you. We recommend 10-12 weeks in advance for Wedding Invitations and anywhere from 6 months - 1 year in advance for Save the Dates.

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