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Style Spotlight: Anne & Harrison


THE YEAR WAS 1995...

Forest Gump won best picture, AOL launches free internet services, Harrison and Anne meet...Maybe it was during the Peanut Butter & Jelly song, maybe it was while learning about Baby Beluga. What we do know is that sometime in this year, Anne and Harrison would have a serendipitous meeting in a NYC preschool classroom that would mostly be forgotten for the next 15 years, but would forever change their lives. When the two started dating shortly after college, it was clear to close friends that two long-lost soul mates had finally been reunited.

As Anne & Harrison began to dive head-first into planning their summer soirée at the Bowery Hotel, we were elated to play a role in their fairy tale of a love story...

A whimsical palette of deep green, fresh mint, and bright salmon exuded crisp modern sophistication. Their sleek envelope, complete with vintaqe map liner, and striking monogram band were just the first course to the stationery delights yet to come - the bold table numbers, the personalized menus, and the fabulously cheeky cocktail sign took the cake! The light florals and candles juxtaposed wonderfully with Bowery's dark wood paneling, plush leather sofas, and ornate chandeliers to create an atmosphere of understated luxury.

Above all else was the undeniable feeling of pure love and joy in the air. And we're not just saying that... we got to revel in the beauty of this one firsthand!

Florist: Goode Farm


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