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Mailing Tips

The postal service can be a real peach to deal with. Avoid mailing mishaps and frustration, with these recommendations for an easier mailing process:

01. Seal envelopes well.

A glue stick, envelope moistener, double-sided adhesive tape, or good old-fashioned sponge and water will work well. Whatever method you choose, be sure not to allow moisture or glue go beyond the gum line where it can damage your cards or liner. Find more sealing suggestions here.

02. Get the right postage.

Bring a finished invitation suite to your local post office to determine necessary postage based on the weight and size of your invitations. We can provide a postage estimation, but it’s always best to double-check with USPS.

03. Ask to have them "hand-stamped."

Hand-stamping or hand-cancellation produces a different postmark (often considered more attractive) than if your invitations were run through an automatic sorter. It is a service being phased out by the USPS, so if not offered, ask your local post master what they suggest.

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